Instructional Coach
Ennis ISD/North Star of TX Writing Project (NWP)

Do you "carry the fire"?  Cormac McCarthy introduces the idea of "carrying the fire" in his novel, The Road, through his characters who struggle to survive the bleakest parts of life. As educators, we have the same opportunity to carry the fire every day for, and to, our students. We are but the lamplighters. I believe in helping students and teachers learn how to strike a brighter match through the design of educational experiences that inspire and create change for both. It only takes a spark.

I currently work as a 9-12 Instructional Coach for ELAR, Social Studies, and Languages Other than English for Ennis ISD, and have been teaching in grades 7-12 since 2000. Prior to that, I was a Licensed Masters Social Worker for child protective services, state level parolee reintegration, and county hospital services. Because of this background, my instruction and classroom environment typically have a focus on reaching disenfranchised students, STEaM and project-based learning initiatives, disciplinary literacy engagement, and the integration of as much maker-based and inquiry-centered learning as possible. My goal is facilitating a space for learners to ask and develop more questions, not just being a provider of answers.

A teacher consultant with National Writing Project's local siteNorth Star of Texas Writing Project since 2009, I also currently work as a professional development provider for NWP and previously with Educate Texas. I continue to work as a fellow in NWP's/NEXMAP's Hacking the Notebook initiative, which is an integration of flat circuitry, literacy, and production-/design-centered learning.  I have taught at STEM, New Tech, and early college high schools for at least 7 of my 17 years in the classroom.

 I also have been a FIRST Robotics Teacher Mentor and Coach since 2009, and just recently served as the lead Mentor for FRC Team #2805, Ghost in the Machine. I currently also serve as one of the coordinating liaisons for both UIL FIRST Robotics and our district-wide Waxahachie Robotics program.#omgrobots

So I ask you - would you join me?  Do you carry the fire, too?