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Nick Newlin has been a Teaching Artist with Folger Shakespeare Library for 20 years,

getting DC Public High School Students on their feet performing Shakespeare at the Folger's

annual Secondary School Shakespeare Festival. The 30-Minute Shakespeare book series was born

out of that work.  The 30-Minute Shakespeare books keep Shakespeare's language, poetry and

rhythm intact, while abridging the plays down to 30-minutes (the time alloted for each school at the festival).


Each book has between 3 and 9 key scenes with lively stage directions to keep students engaged and 

having fun with Shakespeare!  Additionally each book has tips on performance-based learning of Shakespeare

in the classroom, in line with the Folger philosopy.  These adaptations can be used to jump-start student 

participation and engagement, either as a supplement to a deeper reading of the text, or as stand=alone

classroom exercises, as well as performances and competitions.  The 30-Minute Shakespeare has brought

the thrill of "owning" a Shakespeare play to hundreds of DC Public High Schoolers over the past two decades.

Each of these plays was road-tested in performance, and are guaranteed to bring out student enthusiasm,

comprehension, and the sheer joy that is Shakespeare.


Nick has also compiled eighteen scenes, each with an expanded monologue (complete with detailed monologue notes)

into The 30-Minute Shakespeare Anthology: 18 Student Scenes with monologues. This comprehensive and useful

 book expands the potential for students to use the scenes or monologues for auditions, competitions, or just

a closer reading of the text while up on their feet!


This is Nick's 5th year at NCTE Convention, setting up next to Folger Education.

The 30-Minute Shakespeare series has 18 plays in print plus the Anthology,

available as paperback or PDF on a flash drive!  Stop by booth 920 and

join the joyous Bard revelry!

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Nick Newlin

Author/Publisher at 30 Minute Shakespeare